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Backing up every marine sales company is a range of support services. At Jay Jay Marine we have established relationships with some of the best suppliers in the market today. From sail makers to electronics engineers, from joinery craftsmen to fabricators all with solid reputations and the skills to respond to boat owners' needs.

Some of these suppliers have chosen to link directly to our website and can be accessed on this page while others prefer to receive enquiries by phone. To make contact with these companies, please call our Jay Jay marine office.

Jay Jay Marine - Yacht Brokers Services

Some of the services we offer:

1. Cleaning and Waxing: Whether you want a quick clean to an all over clean and wax, we can help.
2. Antifouling: Antifouling is the process of removing or preventing microorganisms, algae, plants or even animals forming on your boat. By using our antifouling service, not only could it increase the chances of selling your boat but you could see an improvement in drag, hydrodynamic performance and fuel consumption on your boat.
3. Anode change: The anode in your water tanks helps protect them from rust and corrosion. It is recommended that you change your anode once every couple of years and is necessary when the rod is covered is sediment or the core has been exposed.

These are just a few services we at Jay Jay Marine provide, so why not get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.